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It was a book, a one-man show, a play and a movie and now “A Bronx Tale” is back in the theaters as a musical. The 1993 movie was based on the book by Chazz Palminteri and told the story of a young Italian-American kid named Calogero growing up on the not so nice Bronx streets of the 1960’s. Palminteri co-starred with acting legend Robert DeNiro in the movie and the two are semi-reunited in this musical adaptation with DeNiro co-directing alongside Jerry Zaks and Palminteri featuring as the author. Despite now being a Broadway musical, “A Bronx Tale” retains the gritty edge of the movie complete with some coarse language and violence but neither is overly done and fit well with the unfolding story. Narrated by the central character, the story revolves around the inner conflict that develops in Calogero as he is torn between the honest principles and values of his hard-working father and the attraction of a life of crime. There are shades of “West Side Story” as a forbidden romance develops between Italian Calogero and Jane who lives in the neighboring black ghetto. The acting is superb from all participants and the music and songs are first-rate. That should come as no surprise as the song-writing duo behind the score are multiple Oscar winner Alan Menken and Glenn Slater who was responsible for the music in “The Little Mermaid” and “Tangled”. As was the case with “West Side Story”, the mean streets of New York provides an unusual setting for a musical but it works extremely well due in no small measure to inspired set designs and memorable singing and dancing. 1950’s doo-wop blends into 60’s pop with “Nicky Machiavelli” being one of the show’s standout numbers alongside the Sinatra-esque “One of the Great Ones”. Funny and sad, tough and sentimental, “A Bronx Tale” covers the full spectrum of emotions and looks destined for a long, long run.

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